Public Institutions

The Challenges

  • Public institutions are under mounting pressure due to increasing regulations aimed at securing staff members and assets from various risks, both foreseeable and routine.
  • Additionally, there's a rising expectation for these institutions to effectively manage extreme or unexpected events that occur at inconvenient moments.
  • Evacuation, lock-down, and emergency plans need to be reliable, efficient, and facilitate easy collaboration and information dissemination among people.

The Solutions

MobiCall Features:

  • Automatically or manually responds to situational changes anytime, triggered by sensors, web interfaces, emails, or phone calls.
  • Manages predetermined procedures like evacuation or lock-down processes as directed.
  • Facilitates collaboration and escalation of event notifications among key individuals for a coordinated response.


Silent Alarms

Intrusion detection​

Call recording

Lock down procedures

Emergency process management

Rapid Response Systems

Emergency call management

Network monitoring (SNMP trap…)​

Message broadcasting (speakers…)

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