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New Voice International embodies innovation and dedication. Founded with a passion for communication solutions, we have become a trusted partner, offering cutting-edge services and unrivalled expertise. Discover our history and our commitment to transforming communication

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To the top with MobiCall: The transformation of the security infrastructure

The security landscape is constantly evolving, presenting companies with the challenge of keeping pace with changing threats. In this context, New Voice International’s alarm server MobiCall has established itself as a leading force, coming up with innovative solutions to support and evolve modern security infrastructures. By providing a state-of-the-art alarm server and communications platform, New Voice with MobiCall effectively addresses the diverse security requirements of today and tomorrow.

Here are specific ways MobiCall contributes to the modernization of security infrastructures:

Integrated Event and Alarm Management: MobiCall serves as a centralized system for managing alarms and events, facilitating the integration of various external systems such as fire alarm systems and building management systems. This integration ensures quick capture and prioritization of critical information, enabling swift response and effective crisis management. Particularly for hospitals, Nurse Call solutions are integrated to enhance care efficiency.


Customized Alerting and Evacuation: MobiCall provides tailored solutions for businesses of all kinds, including banks and hotels, to enable silent alarms and evacuation measures. In case of an emergency, the platform allows for targeted alerting and coordination to ensure effective handling of situations.


Process Automation: MobiCall optimizes workflows through the automation of business processes, reducing the response time to security incidents. Integration with other systems enables automated actions such as activating alarms and sending notifications.


Flexibility and Scalability: As a modular and scalable platform, MobiCall adapts to the specific needs of organizations and supports their growth, making it a long-term investment in security.

MobiCall plays a crucial role in modernizing security infrastructures, enabling organizations to effectively respond to complex security threats, improve the efficiency of their security processes, and ensure the protection of people and assets. With the continuous integration of new technologies and features, MobiCall positions itself as a future-proof partner in the field of security solutions.

Find out more about how MobiCall can transform your security infrastructure.

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Enhancing Lone Worker Protection with MobiCall.App: A Communication-Focused Solution

Understanding the Challenges of Lone Worker Protection

Lone workers face unique risks and vulnerabilities, ranging from accidents and medical emergencies to physical assaults and environmental hazards. In these scenarios, prompt communication and immediate notification are essential for summoning assistance and mitigating potential harm. Traditional methods of lone worker protection often fall short in providing the necessary mobility and real-time alerts required to address emergencies swiftly.

The Role of Communication in Lone Worker Safety

  • Effective Communication:
    • Key to lone worker protection strategies.
    • Enables prompt conveyance of critical information.
    • Acts as a deterrent to potential threats.
    • Boosts lone worker confidence in accessing help.
  • MobiCall.App’s Robust Communication Features:
    • Tailored to meet lone worker needs.
    • Ensures seamless communication channels.
    • Empowers workers with confidence in accessing assistance.

Leveraging Alarms for Rapid Response

  • Advanced Alarm System:
    • Central to MobiCall.App’s effectiveness.
    • Designed to expedite emergency response times.
    • Customizable settings for lone worker convenience.
    • Enables instant alerts to designated contacts and responders.
  • Rapid Notification Mechanism:
    • Swift mobilization of help.
    • Minimizes adverse impacts on lone worker safety.
    • Ensures well-being in emergencies.

Real-Time Notification: Empowering Lone Workers with Timely Alerts

    • Timely Notification:
    • Crucial for effective lone worker protection.
    • MobiCall.App delivers real-time alerts to designated contacts.
    • Keeps supervisors informed of lone workers’ status.
    • Facilitates coordinated responses to emergencies.
  • Empowering Employers:
    • Provides instant updates and location information.
    • Enables informed decision-making.
    • Facilitates swift action during lone worker distress.

Conclusion: Securing Lone Workers with MobiCall.App

In lone worker protection, effective communication, rapid alarms, mobility, and real-time notification are crucial. MobiCall.App excels in these areas, prioritizing safety with its comprehensive solution. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, it sets a new standard, ensuring help is always available. Incorporating MobiCall.App enhances operational efficiency and showcases a commitment to safeguarding lone workers, providing peace of mind in challenging work environments.

MobiCall.App in Healthcare: Optimal Security for Hospital Staff

In the fast-paced environment of healthcare, an effective alarm and communication solution is crucial to support hospital staff to the fullest and swiftly manage emergencies. The MobiCall.App by New Voice offers an innovative mobile application specifically designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of hospital personnel.

Simple Triggering and Receiving of Alarms:
The MobiCall.App allows hospital staff to trigger alarms with just one click and quickly share important information such as images or audio files.

Real-time Monitoring and Alarm Dashboard:
With the real-time monitoring feature, employees can keep an eye on the current situation at all times and easily access all vital information through the user-friendly alarm dashboard.

Efficient Communication with MobiChat:
The integrated MobiChat enables fast and efficient communication between team members, regardless of their location.

Lone Worker Protection and Positioning:
For lone workers, the MobiCall.App offers various protection features to quickly receive assistance when needed. It also facilitates easy localization of staff members.

New Features for Enhanced User Experience:
The latest features of the MobiCall.App include the MobiCall Alarm App, logins with NFC and QR code, as well as integration of shortcuts with iOS.

Thus, the MobiCall.App by New Voice is a comprehensive solution that enables hospitals to improve the safety of their staff and ensure efficient communication in healthcare. With its diverse features and user-friendly interface, it is an indispensable tool for any medical facility, contributing to the staff feeling safe and supported while focusing on the most important task: the health and well-being of patients.

Our Clients' feedbacks

Why New Voice ?

The EPI area has extremely diverse security requirements. Together with New Voice we were able to work out the complex challenges and put them on paper. This learning process with subsequent success was only possible because New Voice knows its product MobiCall inside out and ultimately keeps every promise.

-Rudi Grasern, Head of Hospitality and Infrastructure, EPI

We are very happy that by integrating the MobiCall alarm server we have a flexible platform that makes life easier for our nursing staff and the patient experience more pleasant. The New Voice team gave us extensive support throughout the entire project phase. Changes in requirements were always seen as a challenge.

-Michael Dengler, Deputy Head of Infrastructure, Klinikum Stuttgart