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New Voice International embodies innovation and dedication. Founded with a passion for communication solutions, we have become a trusted partner, offering cutting-edge services and unrivalled expertise. Discover our history and our commitment to transforming communication

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The Benefits of a Brand-Independent Solution for Alarm and Evacuation

In today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced world, it’s crucial for businesses to be able to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently

A brand-independent solution for alarm and evacuation, as offered by New Voice International through MobiCall, provides numerous advantages that significantly enhance both safety and efficiency in critical situations.


Brand Independence for Maximum Flexibility: One of the greatest strengths of a brand-independent solution is flexibility. Businesses are not limited to the products of a single manufacturer and can choose the best available technology that meets their specific needs. This allows for a tailored configuration of alarm and evacuation systems that are optimally aligned with the individual requirements of the business.

Seamless Integration of Existing Systems: MobiCall facilitates integration with a variety of existing systems and technologies, including, but not limited to, fire alarm systems, access control systems, CCTV, and many others. This compatibility enables the utilization of existing investments and ensures centralized control over all security measures.

Cost Efficiency: By using a brand-independent platform, businesses can achieve significant cost savings. The ability to integrate various technologies and systems without being tied to specific manufacturers means that companies are not forced to invest in expensive proprietary solutions.

Future-proofing: The technology landscape is constantly evolving. A brand-independent solution offers the assurance that the system will remain compatible with new technologies and standards in the future. Businesses can be confident that their alarm and evacuation systems can be scaled and updated over time without needing complete overhauls.

Enhanced Safety and Responsiveness: In the event of an emergency, every second counts. MobiCall provides advanced features for alerting, mobilization, evacuation, and information distribution that enable a quick and coordinated response. Precise positioning of persons and assets improves evacuation processes and helps save lives and minimize damage.

Conclusion: Choosing a brand-independent solution for alarm and evacuation offers businesses unparalleled flexibility, cost efficiency, and future-proofing. MobiCall by New Voice International leads the way in this innovation, offering a powerful, customizable, and integrated platform that maximizes safety and efficiency in critical situations.

Find out more about how MobiCall can enrich your life.

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The future of communication security: An introduction to MobiCall

The growing importance of communication security

At a time when communication security is under increasing scrutiny, New Voice International stands out as a pioneer of “Unified Alarm Event Communication”. Since 1991, the innovative Swiss company has taken a leading role in the integration of security, telecommunications and information technologies. With over 7,000 successful projects worldwide, New Voice is synonymous with reliability and efficiency in alerting and information distribution.

MobiCall: A revolutionary development

MobiCall, New Voice’s central software platform, is at the heart of this revolutionary development. In response to the urgent demand for a comprehensive and reliable communication security solution, MobiCall offers customized services for alerting, evacuation, information distribution and positioning. This platform is particularly indispensable in scenarios such as fire, emergency management, silent alarms and lone worker protection.

The technological strength of MobiCall

  • Seamless integration of a company’s entire communications infrastructure.
  • Fast transmission of critical information by networking machines, devices, sensors and personnel.
  • Open, modular and continuously scalable solution that adapts to a company’s needs.

Advantages of implementing MobiCall

  • Centralized platform that records all events and alarms.
  • Efficient and predefined responses to any circumstances, risk reduction and security of people, assets and organizations.
  • Positioning of people and assets, alarm management and process automation.

NewVoice and MobiCall: at the forefront of security solutions

  • Development of security solutions tailored to individual customer needs.
  • Improving security infrastructure and communication as a cost-saving factor.
  • Maximum security and service quality.

Future outlook and commitment

NewVoice with the MobiCall alarm server is at the forefront of the development of security solutions tailored to the needs of each customer. The platform not only enables improved security infrastructure and communication as a cost-saving factor, but also the highest level of security and service quality. Looking to the future, MobiCall is more than just a product; it is a comprehensive solution for the communication security challenges of today and tomorrow.

Conclusion: MobiCall

“Because every second counts” – A fitting quote that emphasizes the commitment to safety and well-being. NewVoice International remains true to the principle of developing tailor-made solutions for alerting, mobilization, evacuation and monitoring. In the ever-changing landscape of communications security, MobiCall is a shining example of innovation and reliability.

Learn more at New Voice International’s website.

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To the top with MobiCall: The transformation of the security infrastructure

The security landscape is constantly evolving, presenting companies with the challenge of keeping pace with changing threats. In this context, New Voice International’s alarm server MobiCall has established itself as a leading force, coming up with innovative solutions to support and evolve modern security infrastructures. By providing a state-of-the-art alarm server and communications platform, New Voice with MobiCall effectively addresses the diverse security requirements of today and tomorrow.

Here are specific ways MobiCall contributes to the modernization of security infrastructures:

Integrated Event and Alarm Management: MobiCall serves as a centralized system for managing alarms and events, facilitating the integration of various external systems such as fire alarm systems and building management systems. This integration ensures quick capture and prioritization of critical information, enabling swift response and effective crisis management. Particularly for hospitals, Nurse Call solutions are integrated to enhance care efficiency.


Customized Alerting and Evacuation: MobiCall provides tailored solutions for businesses of all kinds, including banks and hotels, to enable silent alarms and evacuation measures. In case of an emergency, the platform allows for targeted alerting and coordination to ensure effective handling of situations.


Process Automation: MobiCall optimizes workflows through the automation of business processes, reducing the response time to security incidents. Integration with other systems enables automated actions such as activating alarms and sending notifications.


Flexibility and Scalability: As a modular and scalable platform, MobiCall adapts to the specific needs of organizations and supports their growth, making it a long-term investment in security.

MobiCall plays a crucial role in modernizing security infrastructures, enabling organizations to effectively respond to complex security threats, improve the efficiency of their security processes, and ensure the protection of people and assets. With the continuous integration of new technologies and features, MobiCall positions itself as a future-proof partner in the field of security solutions.

Find out more about how MobiCall can transform your security infrastructure.

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Our Clients' feedbacks

Why New Voice ?

The EPI area has extremely diverse security requirements. Together with New Voice we were able to work out the complex challenges and put them on paper. This learning process with subsequent success was only possible because New Voice knows its product MobiCall inside out and ultimately keeps every promise.

-Rudi Grasern, Head of Hospitality and Infrastructure, EPI

We are very happy that by integrating the MobiCall alarm server we have a flexible platform that makes life easier for our nursing staff and the patient experience more pleasant. The New Voice team gave us extensive support throughout the entire project phase. Changes in requirements were always seen as a challenge.

-Michael Dengler, Deputy Head of Infrastructure, Klinikum Stuttgart