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Optimizing Emergency Notifications: MobiCall’s Significance for Speed and Reliability.

The safety and protection of human lives always take top priority, especially in emergency situations where quick and reliable notifications are crucial. In this blog post, we will delve into a crucial tool for emergency notification – alarm servers. This technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient alerting during critical moments. We will examine the various aspects of alarm servers in detail and highlight their importance for community safety and protection.

Why are alarm servers so important?
Speed and reliability are key components in dealing with emergency situations. Alarm servers enable lightning-fast distribution of alerts, evacuation information, and other relevant data to the appropriate personnel. At critical moments, a delay of seconds can make all the difference. Alarm servers ensure that information can be transmitted efficiently and immediate action can be taken.

MobiCall: The central solution for comprehensive emergency notifications
In this context, the MobiCall alarm server from New Voice proves to be a pioneering technology. As a central software platform, MobiCall seamlessly integrates alerting, evacuation, information distribution, and positioning in a professional environment. The versatility of MobiCall extends across various application areas, from fire incidents to lone worker protection

Why MobiCall?
MobiCall not only provides a fast and reliable emergency response, but also comprehensive integration of a company’s entire communications infrastructure. The networking of machines, devices and sensors ensures seamless information transmission. As a brand-agnostic solution, MobiCall remains flexible, modular and can be continuously adapted to a company’s needs.

Fast. Simple. Reliable.
The strength of MobiCall lies in consolidating everything on one platform, enabling a quick, simple, and reliable response to emergency situations. Whether dealing with acute alarms, coordinated emergency management, or protecting lone workers – MobiCall offers a comprehensive solution for diverse scenarios.

Investing in security with MobiCall
The importance of alarm servers for fast and reliable emergency notifications cannot be overstated. New Voice’s MobiCall is not just an option, but the optimal choice for companies that are betting on the future of alarm server technology. Invest in your company’s security with MobiCall and see how this advanced solution makes the difference.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Role of Nurse Call Systems in Hospitals

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the integration of advanced technologies has become crucial for enhancing patient care and improving staff efficiency. One such innovation that has significantly impacted the healthcare sector is the implementation of Nurse Call Systems. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of Nurse Call Systems in hospitals and shed light on the cutting-edge MobiCall solution offered by New Voice International.

The Significance of Nurse Call Systems:

Nurse Call Systems play a pivotal role in ensuring prompt and efficient communication between patients and healthcare staff. These systems are designed to streamline communication, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and increased staff productivity. Here are some key aspects highlighting the significance of Nurse Call Systems:

  1. Swift Response to Patient Needs: Nurse Call Systems empower patients to request assistance promptly. With just a push of a button, patients can communicate their needs to healthcare professionals, leading to faster response times and better patient satisfaction.
  2. Enhanced Staff Efficiency: By providing a direct line of communication between patients and healthcare staff, Nurse Call Systems reduce the time spent searching for the right personnel. This results in increased staff efficiency, allowing healthcare professionals to allocate more time to patient care.
  3. Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: Modern Nurse Call Systems offer real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, enabling healthcare facilities to track response times, identify patterns, and make data-driven improvements to their workflows.

Introducing MobiCall by New Voice International:

As technology continues to advance, healthcare facilities are embracing innovative solutions to further enhance patient care. NewVoice International stands at the forefront of this movement with its cutting-edge Nurse Call System, MobiCall.

MobiCall: Revolutionizing Nurse Call Systems

MobiCall is a state-of-the-art Nurse Call System designed to meet the unique needs of modern healthcare environments. Here’s why MobiCall stands out:

  1. Seamless Integration: MobiCall seamlessly integrates with existing hospital communication systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to daily operations.
  2. Customizable Solutions: Recognizing that each healthcare facility has unique requirements, MobiCall offers customizable solutions to tailor the system to specific workflows and preferences.
  3. Enhanced Patient Experience: With user-friendly interfaces and intuitive design, MobiCall contributes to an improved patient experience by providing a simple and efficient way for patients to communicate with healthcare providers.
  4. Advanced Analytics: MobiCall goes beyond basic communication by offering advanced analytics features. Healthcare administrators can gain valuable insights into response times, staff performance, and overall system efficiency.

Nurse Call Systems, particularly innovative solutions like MobiCall, are revolutionizing patient care and staff efficiency in hospitals. By embracing these technologies, healthcare facilities can ensure a higher standard of care, quicker response times, and a more streamlined communication process. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape with Nurse Call Systems designed to meet the demands of the modern era. Explore the possibilities with NewVoice International and MobiCall to elevate your healthcare facility to new heights.

Enhancing Security and Communication with Integrated Alarm Servers

In today’s world, security and efficient communication are of importance, which is why integrated alarm servers are playing an increasingly crucial role. Integrated alarm servers form the core of a comprehensive security system, providing advanced technology that allows both businesses and households to optimize their security systems while ensuring seamless communication.

Benefits of an integrated alarm server

1. Effective Alerting: By integrating various sensors such as door and window sensors, motion detectors, and environmental monitoring, alarm servers enable the early detection of potential threats, facilitating a swift response to emergency situations.

2. Realtime Communication: Thanks to mobile applications, users can monitor and control the security system from anywhere. This increases flexibility and enables authorities to respond quickly to events, even when not physically present.

3. Centralized Management Predefined automations allow certain actions to be triggered automatically based on alarms. This results in faster response times and more efficient resource utilization, as predefined protocols can automatically come into effect. These integrative approaches not only enhance security but also optimize communication and responsiveness in critical security situations.

The Power of Integration: Video Security as the Key

One standout feature of integrated alarm servers is the seamless connection to video security. This integration not only provides prompt notification of security incidents but also offers visual confirmation. Security officials not only receive alarm notifications but also have immediate access to visual insights. This expanded overview facilitates quick and informed decision-making.

Always in Sight:
Mobile Access Options

Advancements in technology enable users to monitor and control security systems from anywhere. Through mobile applications embedded in integrated alarm servers, security officials can respond to events in real-time, even when not physically present. This flexibility strengthens responsiveness across various scenarios.

Automation and Efficiency: Predefined Response Plans
The predefinition of automation rules is another powerful feature of integrated alarm servers. These rules enable specific actions to be automatically triggered based on alarms. For example, predefined response plans can initiate evacuations, lock doors, or notify emergency teams. This automation leads to faster response times and optimizes resource utilization.

Security and Communitcation Hand in Hand with New Voice MobiCall
The integration of alarm servers into security systems marks a significant step towards a comprehensive security strategy. The MobiCall Alarm Server from New Voice combines
– Voice-based Functions (parallel calls, emergency calls, voice messages, recordings, conferences, and text-to-speech)
– Multimedia Functions (image and video, text and email, mobile applications, and PBX)
– Mobiliziation Functions ((multimedia transmission, escalation function, watchdog monitoring, location)
– Automation Functions (TMS and personnel management, automatic event detection)
With these comprehensive features, New Voice MobiCall enables optimal integration of security and communication for an efficient and effective security strategy.

Our Clients' feedbacks

Why New Voice ?

The EPI area has extremely diverse security requirements. Together with New Voice we were able to work out the complex challenges and put them on paper. This learning process with subsequent success was only possible because New Voice knows its product MobiCall inside out and ultimately keeps every promise.

-Rudi Grasern, Head of Hospitality and Infrastructure, EPI

We are very happy that by integrating the MobiCall alarm server we have a flexible platform that makes life easier for our nursing staff and the patient experience more pleasant. The New Voice team gave us extensive support throughout the entire project phase. Changes in requirements were always seen as a challenge.

-Michael Dengler, Deputy Head of Infrastructure, Klinikum Stuttgart