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New Voice International embodies innovation and dedication. Founded with a passion for communication solutions, we have become a trusted partner, offering cutting-edge services and unrivalled expertise. Discover our history and our commitment to transforming communication

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How MobiCall Enhances Collaboration and Coordination in Emergencies

In an emergency situation, efficient collaboration and coordination among all stakeholders are critical to minimize damage and save lives. MobiCall, the central software platform by New Voice International, plays a key role in optimizing these processes.

Here are specific ways MobiCall enhances coordination and collaboration in emergencies through the mentioned keywords:

Integrated Event and Alarm Management: MobiCall enables quick detection of emergencies through integration with a wide array of systems and technologies, including fire alarm and access control systems. This integration ensures central visibility and coordination, which is crucial for swift responses to emergencies.

 Personalized Alerting and Evacuation: For businesses from banks to hotels, MobiCall offers tailored alerting services, including silent alarms and specific evacuation instructions. These features ensure that the right people are reached with relevant information to facilitate effective response and evacuation.

Precise Positioning and Asset Tracking: Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like DECT, WiFi, and Bluetooth, MobiCall significantly enhances personnel safety and asset monitoring. Precise positioning allows security personnel to respond quickly to emergencies and effectively locate individuals in danger or key assets.

Rapid Communication and Information Distribution: MobiCall ensures that critical information is distributed quickly and efficiently to all relevant parties. This includes alerting through various channels such as SMS, voice messages, and email, improving coordination and responsiveness in critical moments.

Enhancing Business and Safety Processes: MobiCall automates and optimizes business and safety processes, from daily task management to emergency response. This leads to improved coordination, with critical information swiftly passed to decision-makers and first responders.

Conclusion: MobiCall by New Voice International is a comprehensive solution that significantly enhances collaboration and coordination in emergencies. By integrating state-of-the-art technologies and providing tailored solutions, MobiCall supports businesses and organizations in acting efficiently and effectively in emergency situations, ultimately contributing to the safety and protection of people and assets.

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A guide for MobiCall in Facility Management

MobiCall for facility management: A guide to reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving safety

Facility management is facing constantly growing challenges, from reducing costs and increasing efficiency to ensuring the highest safety standards. In this context, MobiCall, a central software platform developed by New Voice International, offers a comprehensive solution that not only helps to optimise work processes, but also significantly increases security for people and assets.

Cost reduction through intelligent alarm management systems:

Cost efficiency is a key aspect of facility management. MobiCall makes a significant contribution to this with its sophisticated alarm management system. By integrating alarms for lone workers and implementing GSM alarm systems, security is increased without having to tie up additional personnel resources. In particular, the ability to send silent alarms to various facilities such as shops, banks and hotels ensures discreet handling of potential threats, which in turn reduces unnecessary expenditure caused by false alarms.

Increased efficiency through centralised control:

MobiCall simplifies facility management by providing a centralised platform for controlling and monitoring all security and communication systems. This significantly reduces the time required to coordinate security measures and increases the efficiency of overall operations. The ability to use indoor localisation for rapid emergency response and integration with existing PBX infrastructures and building management systems provides unprecedented control and visibility.

Improved security through advanced technology:

MobiCall sets new standards when it comes to security. The platform offers a comprehensive solution for emergency alerting, from fire alarms to specialised alarms for critical situations such as amok alarms. By installing panic buttons and switches at strategically important points within a facility and using the mobile (link, employees can quickly call for help in an emergency. This applies in particular to areas where employees work in isolation or where there is a high security risk. MobiCall not only significantly improves response times, but also helps to increase the general level of safety.

Future-proof solutions for facility management:

MobiCall’s ability to integrate with existing systems and its modularity make it a future-proof investment for facility management. The platform not only supports current technology, but is also ready for future developments. With features such as monitoring of critical components, temperature and humidity control and automation of evacuation plans, MobiCall offers a comprehensive solution that goes far beyond traditional alarm systems.

MobiCall represents a revolution in facility management by offering cost reduction, increased efficiency and improved security through a unified, innovative platform. The integration of alarm and communication technologies specifically tailored to the needs of facility managers makes MobiCall an indispensable solution for modern facilities that prioritise security, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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The Benefits of a Brand-Independent Solution for Alarm and Evacuation

In today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced world, it’s crucial for businesses to be able to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently

A brand-independent solution for alarm and evacuation, as offered by New Voice International through MobiCall, provides numerous advantages that significantly enhance both safety and efficiency in critical situations.


Brand Independence for Maximum Flexibility: One of the greatest strengths of a brand-independent solution is flexibility. Businesses are not limited to the products of a single manufacturer and can choose the best available technology that meets their specific needs. This allows for a tailored configuration of alarm and evacuation systems that are optimally aligned with the individual requirements of the business.

Seamless Integration of Existing Systems: MobiCall facilitates integration with a variety of existing systems and technologies, including, but not limited to, fire alarm systems, access control systems, CCTV, and many others. This compatibility enables the utilization of existing investments and ensures centralized control over all security measures.

Cost Efficiency: By using a brand-independent platform, businesses can achieve significant cost savings. The ability to integrate various technologies and systems without being tied to specific manufacturers means that companies are not forced to invest in expensive proprietary solutions.

Future-proofing: The technology landscape is constantly evolving. A brand-independent solution offers the assurance that the system will remain compatible with new technologies and standards in the future. Businesses can be confident that their alarm and evacuation systems can be scaled and updated over time without needing complete overhauls.

Enhanced Safety and Responsiveness: In the event of an emergency, every second counts. MobiCall provides advanced features for alerting, mobilization, evacuation, and information distribution that enable a quick and coordinated response. Precise positioning of persons and assets improves evacuation processes and helps save lives and minimize damage.

Conclusion: Choosing a brand-independent solution for alarm and evacuation offers businesses unparalleled flexibility, cost efficiency, and future-proofing. MobiCall by New Voice International leads the way in this innovation, offering a powerful, customizable, and integrated platform that maximizes safety and efficiency in critical situations.

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Our Clients' feedbacks

Why New Voice ?

The EPI area has extremely diverse security requirements. Together with New Voice we were able to work out the complex challenges and put them on paper. This learning process with subsequent success was only possible because New Voice knows its product MobiCall inside out and ultimately keeps every promise.

-Rudi Grasern, Head of Hospitality and Infrastructure, EPI

We are very happy that by integrating the MobiCall alarm server we have a flexible platform that makes life easier for our nursing staff and the patient experience more pleasant. The New Voice team gave us extensive support throughout the entire project phase. Changes in requirements were always seen as a challenge.

-Michael Dengler, Deputy Head of Infrastructure, Klinikum Stuttgart