Business Continuity Management

Restoring Service Operations Quickly

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a management process that helps your company to identify potential risk, threats and vulnerabilities that could impact on your operations. New Voice provides you with a flexible and reliable BCM system capable of an effective response, especially when it comes to restore a business to normal operations following an unanticipated event or business interruption.

Our team of experts supports your company in emergency situations creating a targeted emergency management solution to cope with your daily challenges and helping you right from the beginning. In fact our statistical and operational analysis prepares you to be fully covered thanks to a multimedia communication system.

New Voice offers you efficient and reliable communication and alerting in case of emergency, workflows optimization, as well an extensive documentation of all processes. We have a solution for each critical situation which may arise. Don’t be worried, be prepared instead.

Our solution

1. Event input

An event can be triggered either automatically by a subsystem (fire detection system, building management system, process control system etc.) or manually by the user (telephone, PC client, web etc.).

2. Communication

Based on alarm plans and time schedules, MobiCall signals the event to a defined group of people using multiple media, such as internal and external lines, smartphones, PC clients and IP loudspeakers.

3. Acknowledgement and escalation

To guarantee the highest degree of safety, a predefined number of recipients must acknowledge the alarm. If they cannot be reached, the system starts an escalation to notify additional participants.

4. Report and control

MobiCall logs detailed data on the entire process. This report can be sent automatically or retrieved at any time from the alarm control centre. Emergency calls and conferences can also be recorded.

Fields of application

MobiCall can be implemented in a heterogeneous environment as a central alarm and information platform for different subsystems, providing all conceivable ways to trigger the alarm (e.g. conferences can be called up at the touch of a button), thanks to standardised and producer-specific interfaces which allow a full integration in existing systems.

New Voice solutions support a variety of standardised and manufacturer-specific interfaces to ensure a comprehensive integration of clinical, administrative and technical systems in use. MobiCall makes the most of all available media using voice, text, picture and video messages.

MobiCall cares for your staff and customers safety, enabling to draw on the integrated functions of an emergency call centre. New Voice provides you with a stress-relieving solution to best cope with emergency situations: a masterwork in the Unified Event Communication area – MobiCall, a reliable and comprehensive emergency management solution.

Control centres and hazard management

  • Central representation and compression of data sources to be monitored
  • Call-up of crisis teams and emergency conferences
  • Live monitoring of alarm and information distributions
  • Alerting according to the presence status
  • On-call schedules input and automatic import of alarm plans
  • Integrated voice recording
  • Geo-redundant components design
  • Integration of digital radio and smartphones clients

Info hotline

  • Automatic parallel calls receipt
  • Flexible adaptation of free or pre-defined announcements
  • Multistage Interactive Voice Response menus
  • VIP circuitry for phone numbers of utmost importance
  • Partial or total blocking of phone numbers as an option
  • Saving important staff resources
  • Alerting of the population

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