MobiCCloud – a flexible Cloud-Solution

As a web-based service, MobiCCloud is the cloud solution for alerting, mobilization, evacuation, information distribution, and personal protection.

MobiCCloud provides an innovative and flexible platform that adapts to your individual needs.

Your added value with MobiCCloud:

  • Turnkey solution ready for operation
  • Redundant Solution
  • No own infrastructure necessary with cloud solution
  • Low one-off costs, software lifecycle
  • Plannable billing
  • Operation as a central service as a hybrid system in combination with local solution
  • Watchdog as a Service
MobiCCloud offers the proven functions of the MobiCall solution

Employee protection and rapid response in emergency and crisis situations

Disaster alerting: Accident on the motorway (KATA)

MobiCCloud mobilizes reliably and quickly, service-based and event-related. Mass alerting of the required personnel takes place directly from the cloud and does not burden the critical infrastructure and telephone connection of the hospital. In real-time, operations managers are informed about the progress of the alert and the expected arrival of medical personnel.

Telephone system, network, electricity – Local blackout?

With a simple call from the mobile phone, the operations manager can start predefined emergency plans. Affected employees are informed about the next steps via call, SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp or MobiCall.App. An alarm server is an indispensable part of emergency communication in both the public and the healthcare sector.

SMB and Cloud – Scalable Security

Small and medium-sized enterprises have high demands on security and availability. At the same time, they are confronted with limited local resources in the areas of IT, system monitoring and maintenance. Good reasons to use the cloud version for the alarm server.

  • Low one-off costs, immediately available
  •  Cost security and expandability
  • Expertise of the manufacturer, latest software
  • No additional servers, cables or interfaces to the
    telephone system
  • Cushioning peak performance (KATA) without
    upgrading local infrastructure
  • Integration of fire alarm systems, light call systems and building management systems
  • Various possibilities of alerting, extensive evaluation
  • All proven features from 30 years of New Voice experience

Watchdog as a Service

The new watchdog service by New Voice saves costly investments in infrastructure. Monitor your MobiCall system and phone connection with MobiCCloud from now on.

The Watchdog-as-a-service service receives a control call from your MobiCall every 30 minutes and thereby controls the functionality of your system. Should the call fail to appear, you are notified with your
personal alarm notification via SMS, E-mail, call (text-to-speech) or MobiCall.App.

As soon as the problem has been solved and the control call is received by your MobiCall again, you receive another status update. Similar to MobiCall, MobiCCloud also offers escalation functionalities, alarm messages and recipients can be individually configured.

  • No additional costs for infrastructure
  • Monitoring of voice connection between MobiCall systems
  • Immediate information when control call fails to appear
  • Alarm notifications individually via call, SMS, e-mail or app
  • Known and easy configuration of alarms in the cloud application
  • Always available infrastructure with local dial in number

MobiCall.App and MobiCCloud – Ready to use!

With the MobiCall.App from the App Store and the MobiCall solution from the cloud, companies do not need any further hardware investments or investments in infrastructure to be prepared for a crisis. The alarm scenarios can be conveniently configured via the MobiCall.App or the web interface and are immediately ready for use.

As a cloud customer, you always have access to the latest features of the app:

  • Dynamic or static multimedia attachments: PDF, image, audio
  • Alarms with priority: different volume, ringtones and colors
  • Set presence status from the app (Presence)
  • Custom icons in the dashboard
  • Real-time status report on the acceptance or rejection of alarms
  • Lone worker protection: support for «no movement», «loss of verticality», localization, emergency call button
  • Send alarms with location based on GPS or BLE beacons
  • and much more!

MobiCall.App and MobiCCloud – The secure solution

The alerting from MobiCCloud is carried out individually and reliably according to the needs of the customer and can be used in all industries.

Service-based telephony

Also in the MobiCCloud you can organize your on-call services easily and securely. Short-term events or service outages mean that existing on-call schedules have to be adapted quickly. This often leads to time delays up to a non-availability of the employees. MobiCall enables up-to-date duty schedules at all times, so that unlimited accessibility is guaranteed.

WhatsApp from MobiCCloud

As a cloud customer, you benefit from the latest technology such as innovative chat and messenger functions and send WhatsApp messages and alarms from mobiCCloud.

MobiCCloud – Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT offers companies tremendous opportunities to automate and reduce costs. With MobiCCloud, customers can monitor their existing infrastructure and protect their employees and infrastructure.

IoT Solutions

  • Monitoring of meters and sensors
  • Temperature monitoring with threshold
  • Alarming by emergency call button
  • Technical Alarms – Machine Monitoring
  • Tracking and localization
  • Fire alarms – monitoring of fire detectors
Local Backuplösung MicroMobiCall
If the data connection fails, the module can automatically alert
locally via SMS and SIP.

Wago MobiCCloud Connector with manyfunctions

  • VPN connection via LAN or mobile radio to the MobiCCloud
  • Monitoring of fire alarm system, network, building management system, heating, cooling, emergency button and much more
  • NFC reader, contacts and sensors watchdog function,

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