MobiCCloud is the solution for alerting, mobilization, evacuation, information distribution and personal protection from the cloud.

Why MobiCCloud?




Real-time communication



Our Cloud-Models


Infrastructure from New Voice. All functions from the cloud.


Infrastructure from customer/partner

• Hospital network

• Partner as service provider


Cloud infrastructure from New Voice. Local infrastructure at the customer's premises

• Reliability from the cloud

• Crisis alarms with mass resources from the cloud

• Blackout concept

• Monitoring the local infrastructure

Fields of Application

Mobilization and evacuation

Silent alarms and emergency calls

Personal protection and positioning

Integration of 
process control technology

IoT based
monitoring and alerting

Task-management and applications


Watchdog as a Service

The Watchdog as a Service monitors your MobiCall system. In the event of a failure, it alerts you by text message, email, call and app. A status message is sent once the fault has been rectified. Escalation in the cloud is possible and alarms are customizable.


With the MobiCall.App and cloud solution from the App Store, companies can be prepared for crisis situations without having to invest in additional hardware. Alarm scenarios can be easily set via the app or the web interface and are activated immediately

Technology highlights

Service-based Telephony

On-call services are managed efficiently and securely in the MobiCCloud. In the event of incidents or failures, duty rosters can be adjusted immediately to ensure optimum availability at all times.



WhatsApp, MS Teams, SMS, Spectralink, E-Mail: Sending messages and alarms directly from the MobiCCloud.


SIPS Direct links

Direct connections from the cloud offer cost-efficient, encrypted and protected communication as well as internal telephony with enhanced features such as display and ringtones.

MobiCall offers a wide range of custom solutions. Whatever your alarming and automated communication need, we will find the best way to support you. To get an offer, simply drop us an email. You may also go vintage and call us:

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Depending on used media and PBX features, any alarm message can be configured individually. Learn more about the possibilities with your PBX:

The MobiCall alarm platform can be used in all sectors – whether healthcare, industrial facilities and production, hotel business, public facilities, airports, and more. All sectors have a need to optimize their alarm processes and to monitor a wide variety of devices, sensors, and machines. See what we have in store for you:

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