MobiCall provides a better protection for your staff members, as well as a quick reactivity to technical and operational alarms; thus allowing to avoid any kind of faults or system breakdowns and to improve public safety. The system provides a time- and calendar-dependent information distribution, which enables a flexible mapping of duty rosters.

The information transfer can occur on a skill-based and prioritised, but also on a simultaneous or sequential way, depending on the configuration. MobiCall also supports internal watchdog monitoring, automatic backups as well as reporting and statistics features.

All scenarios can be configured and managed through the MobiCall-App, both in a centralised and decentralised way. The web-based management tool features an innovative “drag-and-drop” configurator. This solution provides IT administrators and users responsible for groups as well as for subject areas with an intuitive and clearly structured tool to configure personal data and alarm parameters. 

Starting from the current version, MobiCall supports Low-Power Wide-Area Network based protocols, such as LoRa, SigFox or NB-IoT. Thanks to these technologies it is possible to cheaply and quickly integrate any sensor type. A major advantage of this technology is that no GSM, WiFi or Ethernet infrastructure is necessary to let the sensors run. Due to the battery-operated system, no connection to the mains is needed. So, allocated emergency buttons, utility meters, or temperature and level sensors can among others simply be connected to a central MobiCall device.