MobiCall collaborates successfully with all the major PBX technologies and end devices


As a centralised software platform, MobiCall has been developed to be PBX brand independent. MobiCall is not reliant on any particular technology structure to function optimally, prefering instead to be open system based to enable integration with any PBX brand and end device, anywhere. Significantly, MobiCall can therefore be integrated into existing infrastructure, whilst providing high levels of security and safeguards. Below are some PBX technologies that have successfully been interfaced with MobiCall. MobiCall successfully interfaces with the following infrastructure:

Yes, with the MobiCall Release 12, alarms of any kind can be received via MS Teams clients on desktop and mobile. Images such as site plans for evacuation can be included. Acknowledgement of alarms can be done via MS Teams chat.

After over 30 years of existence, we have implemented and developed more than 400 different interfaces.

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