Service Based Telephony

MobiCall service-based telephony

MobiCall allows an easy and safe management of on-call duties. Unexpected events or service failures involve the necessity to quickly adapt the existing on-call duty emergency plans. A lot of unforeseen difficulties ranging from time lags to the unavailability of the employees often occur during this process. Thanks to MobiCall it is possible to always have up-to-date duty rosters, thus ensuring availability without restrictions.

In order to ensure high availability, duty rosters have to be updated regularly and adapted to any last-minute change in the circumstances. The MobiCall application allows users to log in/out to/from alarm, on-call and hunt groups using a browser-based interface. Ensuring an automatic call distribution, the app relieves the strain on the telephone exchange. Employees can also provide multiple phone numbers and it is possible to define as many on-call duty lists as wished for the different departments. There is no limit to the number of employees and support issues in this process. Besides the definition of the employees’ availability, also the notification in the event of a fault occurs via multimedia.

How does it work?

Typical fields of application

  • Emergency services
  • On-call duties
  • CPR on -call service (CPR alert)
  • Open Patient Service
  • Cross-industry implementation, e.g. healthcare, industrial and public sectors and much more…

Easy configuration of users and duties

1. Users and services are created quickly and easily using the MobiCall application. There is no limit to the number of employees or groups. On-call duty lists and duty roster can be imported automatically.
2. One or more duties are assigned to the users, which means that each employee can manage his/her own service and specify several phone numbers at the same time.
3. Depending on the duty roster, the user can log in/out to/from the service using the web or mobile application. A coordination centre is optionally available to monitor the role assignment.

Secure communication about duties

4. When at least one user is logged on to a service, he’s automatically available for calls and notifications.
5. The call distribution or emergency alert is then sent to all employees involved in the service.
6. If no registered user is available, the call will be forwarded to a predefined target number (e.g. escalation group) to ensure availability without restrictions.

MobiCall benefits 

  • Automatic import of on-call duty lists and duty rosters
  • Autonomous log in/out of the subscriber to/from the on-call duty
  • Availability-based alerting
  • The system can directly be operated by the employee, according to the guidelines, thus allowing the definition of a min. number of people per group
  • Alarm recipients can specify the time required to get to the facility
  • Automatic parallel on-call service alerting according to the emergency
  • Start of emergency conferences
  • Multimedia alert on mobiles (by call, SMS or alarm app) or other devices
  • Automatic sending of alarm reports

Application management

All scenarios are configured and managed either centrally or peripherally using the MobiCall application. The web-based management tool has an innovative “drag & drop” configuration tool. Besides that, personal and alarm setting is simplified for IT administrators as well as for users responsible for groups and specialist fields. In addition to this, the multi-client capability allows to individually manage the alarm organisation through differenti-ated access permissions.

Optimised workflows with MobiCall Task Management

For the daily operations management, an efficient use of all means of communication is an important cost and quality factor. MobiCall creates a complete network among machines, devices, sensors and the relevant staff members, thus allowing to directly transfer important process data, critical threshold values and faults. This process considers duty rosters as well as on-call schedules. As a consequence, workflows are optimised and, therefore, process costs are reduced, while the service quality is significantly improved. The MobiCall App plays a key role in this context. In fact, our app simplifies the cross-media planning, management, monitoring and implementation of tasks.

  • Input of service tasks via web or using the app
  • Text and image information available
  • Observance of duty rosters and on-call schedules
  • Extensive information about statuses for the consequent input via the app
  • Transmission of status messages (e.g. about levels)
  • Task assignment based on skills
  • Login and logout functionalities for staff members
  • VIP functionality to prioritise specific tasks
  • Multi-client capable web portal for SLA times monitoring
  • Evaluation of the service quality

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