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An indoor localization system is one or a number of different technologies that are installed in closed rooms and allow the location not only of goods or people in fixed positions, but also of moving people or equipment. An indoor localization system allows you to locate your employees, customers and assets in closed rooms
Indoor location systems use one or a combination of technologies, including WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, DECT tags, and GPS, to calculate the location of a device or person. GPS, for example, is the perfect technology for outdoor tracking, while other technologies are more used for indoor tracking.

An indoor location system allows you to be more accurate in locating your employees, customers and assets in environments where satellite navigation fails. The highest level of security is guaranteed and companies are supported in avoiding dangerous situations.
Find more benefits of indoor localization here. https://www.newvoiceinternational.com/indoor-positioning-benefits/ 

1. intruders will not notice the alarm.
2. your neighbors will not be bothered
3. it automatically informs the police or appropriate security services
4.CCTV enables the identification of intruders
5.Silent alarm can be easily integrated into your existing security infrastructure.
You can find out more about silent alarms here: https://www.newvoiceinternational.com/benefits-of-silent-alarm/

A silent alarm is an automatic system that triggers an alarm when it detects a security breach without causing any noise or visual signs – making it difficult for intruders to detect. It’s hard to ignore because it sends an automatic signal to the police or notifies your security services. This is the most important aspect of the silent alarm – intruders don’t suspect anything until the police arrive and intervene. In the meantime, your employees are protected because burglars do not panic when they hear loud alarms on the premises.

Silent alarm can be integrated into your security system or be a standalone solution for your business.

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