Lone Worker Protection

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Lone workers are at higher risk of being exposed to potential hazards due to lack of supervision and support. By providing lone worker protection, employers can guarantee that their employees are safe from potential risks in the workplace. MobiCall provides a comprehensive solution for lone workers.

MobiCall ensures that help is sent to the right place.Ensure your staff working alone are universally safeguarded with MobiCall‘s DIN VDE V 0825-11 and DGUV/SUVA compliant SOS emergency call system, complied to the highest safety standards.




  DGUV/SUVA full compliance with DGUV    regulation 112-139




  Indoor and outdoor positioning system via  Wifi, BLE and GPS





   MobiCall.App solution via smartphones

alarm triggering


Alarm triggering

Automatic or manual triggering
of an alarm

vertical loss


Verticality Loss

Available for iOS and Android



data logging


Data Logging

Data logging for further


portable devices


Portable Devices

Integrated lone worker
protection infrastructure via portable devices


monitoring & improvment


Monitoring & Improvement

Permanent system monitoring and improvement sdfsdgfdsgfdsgsdfgsdfgagfasdfg





Visualization of lone worker location and positioning

video surveillance


Video surveillance

MobiCall receives information
to access the camera or reacts to movement




Multi-language Integration

For Western European


MobiCall.App for Lone Worker Protection

MobiCall.App offers a comprehensive security solution for lone worker protection, with features that ensure the highest level of protection in any situation.







Video Surveillance 24/7

Indoor and outdoor positioning

Data Analysis

Lone Worker Protection With MobiCall.App

MobiCall.App offers a comprehensive security solution for lone worker protection, with features that ensure
the highest level of protection in any situation.

Using the smartphone’s position and movement sensors, the alarm software reliably monitors the user’s
capacity to work and automatically triggers an alarm in an emergency. Of course, the user can also manually
trigger an emergency call at any time. 

Visualization with NVX

Visualizing a personal emergency call with MobiCall‘s powerful tool can help staff functions such as reception and security guards stay in control no matter the situation.

This visualization allows procedural instructions to guide an organization through stressful times, while optional features like controlling surveillance cameras or triggering alarm chains provide further customization according to customer needs.

Visualization is possible via indoor positioning which allows to get information about your lone workers in real time 24/7.

We have developed our own dashboard generator: NVX.

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Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities often have staff members who work alone, such as nurses making rounds or doctors on call. 

Security: Security guards often work alone, making them vulnerable to attack or robbery.

Public institutions: this may include police officers,  paramedics, security guards, social workers, teachers or any other employee

Bank and financial services: People who are working in the field of financial services are always under threat of robberies and assaults

Retail: Many retail establishments, such as gas stations and convenience stores, are staffed by lone workers.

Utilities: Utility workers, such as those who work for the electric company or gas company, often work alone.

Maintenance: Maintenance workers, such as those who work in factories or office buildings, often work alone.

Delivery: delivery drivers often work alone, making them susceptible to accidents or robbery

Cleaning: Janitors and cleaning staff members often work alone, making them vulnerable to accidents and injuries.

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