The “Unified Event Communication Platform” is crucial in critical situations, addressing fire alarms, emergency calls, personal protection, and technical faults. MobiBBox by New Voice is the plug-and-play alerting solution for this platform.


Ready to use

MobiCall is pre-installed and ready to use

Low Maintenance

Support and configuration at any time via remote maintenance

Server Operating System

Windows 2022 Server operating System

No Moving Parts

No Moving Parts

Internal SMS Module

SMS module - requires SIM card only


8 integrated contacts & 2 integrated relays

Integrated Web Server

For an intuitive configuration

Modules & Interfaces

MobiCall modules and interfaces can be unlocked

Double Power

High performance due to increased RAM and hard disk


PC Client

Pc client for triggering and alarms pop-ups

Information Distribution

Time & calendar dependent information distribution

Lists & Plans

Integration of on-call lists & rosters


Internal monitoring of all interfaces

Skill-Based Transfer

For optimal alarm distribution

Reporting & Statistics

Provision of reports & statistics

Watchdog as a Service

The Watchdog as a Service monitors your MobiCall system. In the event of a failure, it alerts you by text message, email, call and app. A status message is sent once the fault has been rectified. Escalation in the cloud is possible and alarms are customizable.

Application Area

MobiBBox: Robust, pre-installed MobiCall software, user-friendly design, and standard internal SMS and GPIO module for efficient installation and management.


Personal protection & Positioning

Silent Alarm &
Emergency Calls


Monitoring Technical

Fire Alarms

ITK Monitoring

Connecting to
Nurse Call Systems

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Depending on used media and PBX features, any alarm message can be configured individually. Learn more about the possibilities with your PBX:

The MobiCall alarm platform can be used in all sectors – whether healthcare, industrial facilities and production, hotel business, public facilities, airports, and more. All sectors have a need to optimize their alarm processes and to monitor a wide variety of devices, sensors, and machines. See what we have in store for you:

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