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Dementia can cause disorientation. This can lead to wandering. Consider enrolling the person living with dementia in a wandering response service. Using MobiCall localization connection with wristband devices, you will ensure a safe return.

Yes, MobiCall is able to send mini-messages to Alcatel-Lucent phones. Learn more about what is possible with Alcatel here:

Yes, of course! MobiCall supports a wide range of facility management alarms. These alarms are often not considered emergency alarms. A defect heater does not need rapair on Sunday night, but can be handled on Monday morning. In the calendar editor the standard feature “Wait until Day” can be chosen to define when the alarm should be triggered to whom. Good to know: MobiCall also includes a TMS (task management system) and thereby not only takes care of the inital mobilization, but checks whether the task has been solved! This is a unique MobiCall feature.