Information Distribution



MobiCall is able, through predetermined processes, to automate the reaction of people in safely dealing with unexpected or critical events in a systematic manner.

Since MobiCall is a centralised platform it is able to process significant volumes of relevant metadata quickly, which is qualified, simplified and then conveyed in a succinct manner, according to predefined workflows, to predefined key users/decision makers.

MobiCall is able to interact with many different types of communication devices to relay information quickly and efficiently.

Fixed Phones

MobiCall is able to use any telecommunications network to broadcast vocal and/or text messages in order to automatically conference key people. Furthermore XML applications are able to be integrated with MobiCall.

DECT and Mobile Phones

MobiCall is able to interact with any personal device and may be utilised in a BYOD strategy to connect and share information on all mobile devices (e.g. DECT, smartphone…) by means of text, voice, image, video… MobiCall collaborates successfully with all the major PBX technologies, e. g. ALE, Avaya, Cisco, Spectralink etc.

Unified Communication Systems

MobiCall is able to interact with third party unified communication software, e.g. Microsoft’s Lync, allowing for an extension of reach and efficiency using these global communication networks.

Apps, Smartphones & Tablets

Mobile applications enable MobiCall to take care of alarms and notification of collaborators.


In the event of a mobilisation procedure, MobiCall is able to activate the speaker function on phones and/or the Public Address system, to efficiently broadcast an important alert message to numerous people instantaneously.


Various MobiCall alarms are able to be displayed on electronic screens, ranging from messages, to alerts, to screenshots, to images… MobiCall is also able to start video streaming, relaying visual information of an unfolding situation, which could lead to a more accurate and timely evaluation by key people.


Automated email notifications of all events occurring within a system could be forwarded to overseers to enable them to monitor and manage the reaction to events.

Mobi-XML Interface

MobiCall has a specific and open XML-based interface to facilitate an “API for telecom” interface. This enables customisable site specific interfaces based on end user needs.


MobiCall is able to interact with any end-device from dated technology like paging to the latest cutting-edge technology e.g. smart watches (Apple Watch…)

And more…

New features are being added to MobiCall every day by an international team of expert engineers. If there is something that you believe that needs to be added, please let us know!


Important Event Information is able to be communicated through a wide variety of means, from simple text messaging, to HD video and loud speaker, to real time voice. To this end MobiCall supports an ever growing list of communication devices for dissemination of information.

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