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Indoor Positioning

What is Indoor Positioning?

Indoor positioning is the process of locating people or assets within a building. It is used in various settings like warehouses, hospitals, and emergency situations.

New Voice’s indoor beacons have a capacity of 4800mAh, ensuring extended operation and dependable performance.

How does Indoor Positioning work?

Indoor positioning systems use GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT, NFC tags and RFID to locate indoors. Fixed beacons transmit signals that are read by the devices and provide accurate positioning using a location engine. New Voice provides highly accurate positioning for indoor map navigation, asset tracking and indoor space security.

Outdoor Positioning

What is Outdoor Positioning?

Outdoor positioning uses satellites and/or radio signals, such as specialized BLE beacons for open environments, to accurately determine precise outdoor locations.

New Voice’s outdoor beacons have a capacity of 7200mAh, specifically designed to meet the higher power requirements in colder outdoor conditions

How does Outdoor Positioning work?

Outdoor positioning relies on various technologies such as Wifi , BLE Beacon, NFC, LTE,GPS, Galileo… It utilizes satellite signals to accurately determine coordinates, facilitating real-time tracking and enabling swift emergency response.

Integrating it into security systems requires technical implementation, while the use of Outdoor BLE beacons allows for higher accuracy within limited areas.


Nurse Call Systems


Silent alarm

Lone worker protection


Emergency services


Assisted living


Why do you need a positioning system?

Improved safety and security of your staff

A Positioning System ensures real-time tracking of individuals for safety and efficient emergency response.

Better customer service

A Positioning System enhances customer service by guiding retail customers directly to desired products.

Increased efficiency

A Positioning System streamlines workflows by swiftly and efficiently locating employees, patients, or assets, optimizing operations.

Enhanced security


A Positioning System enhances premises security by tracking movements of patients and staff, enabling rapid response from security and emergency teams.

Our customers are satisfied!

“It must be possible to raise the alarm easily and quickly, because in emergencies there is not much time to think.”

Christian Kieliger

Head of Building Technology Safety, Triaplus AG

Integrated Psychiatry Uri, Schwyz and Zug


“New Voice has invested a lot of development work in connection with tracking. We have also worked with New Voice to further develop the system based on our high demands.”

Rudi Grasern

Head of Hospitality & Infrastructure

Member of the Executive Board at the Swiss Epilepsy Foundation

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking is a powerful solution that enables real-time tracking of people or equipment. By leveraging localization technologies such as BLE Beacons, GPS, NFC tags, or WiFi, it enhances safety, optimizes operations, and reduces costs.


Benefits of Asset Tracking

Asset tracking provides real-time visibility, improves efficiency, saves costs, enhances security, ensures compliance, and improves customer service.

It optimizes asset utilization, prevents loss or theft, meets regulations, and boosts productivity.

Precision through triangulation

Triangulation is used to calculate the precise location in the monitored building or outside.

The location is visualised at any time on a smartphone or tablet on the integrated map

Path Finding

Pathfinding is the process of finding the optimal route between two points in a given environment.

It involves analyzing obstacles and constraints to determine the shortest or most efficient path. It is widely used in robotics, video games, logistics, and navigation systems.

Benefits of Path Finding

Pathfinding offers advantages such as efficiency, optimal resource allocation, real-time adaptability, improved safety, enhanced user experience, resource optimization, and cost reduction.







MobiCall.App for Positioning

When event is triggered, MobiCall.App automatically sends the actual location of the event or the person who triggered the alarm.

This allows the team to get crucial information about the event and put the most sensible solution plan into action.

Positioning technology

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BLE Scanner