Facility Management

MobiCall seamlessly connects machinery, devices, and personnel, streamlining facility management by integrating various subsystems and providing real-time monitoring. Its adaptable solution addresses evolving demands nearly every sector.

The Challenges

  • Increasing Cost Pressures
  • Technological Integration
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Resource Optimization
  • Asset Management
  • Lone Worker Protection

The Solutions

  • MobiCall seamlessly connects machinery, devices, and personnel.
  • Integrates subsystems for efficient management.
  • Enables real-time monitoring and control.
  • Adapts to evolving demands in various sectors.
  • Offers scalability to accommodate growth.
  • Customizable solutions to meet specific needs.
  • Supports remote management and access.


Crisis Management

  • Integrate timed intrusion alarms
  • Support building evacuation measures
  • Outsource emergency alarm processes to MobiCCloud

Energy Management

  • Integrate suitable interfaces for information capture
  • Trigger notifications efficiently

Task Management via IoT

  • Capture photo
  • Provide description
  • Create task immediately


Flexibility through Interfaces

  • Flexible interfaces for diverse environments
  • Effective across industries
  • Seamless integration with existing systems

Emergency Management

  • MobiCall displays critical alarms, including positioning
  • Shortcuts notify first responders rapidly

Smart Maintenance

  • Enables predictive maintenance
  • Cost reduction through PBX monitoring
  • Efficient maintenance planning
  • Task management with photo analysis

Technical Components

  • MobiCall monitors subsystems in real-time
  • Automatically transmits detailed alarms
  • Customizes dashboard

Control Center and Hazard Management

  • Monitors video and data sources centrally
  • Convenes crisis teams, monitors alarms live, with geo-redundant design
  • Integrates digital radio and smartphone clients

Smart Data Integration

  • Quick evaluation via performance indicators
  • Automatic escalation for response time breaches
  • Customizable management tool interfaces

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