What is AMOK and how to prepare for it


In a world where violence is unfortunately becoming more prevalent, it is important to prepare for unexpected scenarios. One such scenario that has gained attention in recent years is the Amok situation. Unfortunately lately we have more and more school shootings which cause a lot of pain to families and communities.

Schools and other institutions must prepare themselves in the best possible manner to avoid such situations and if that happens, how to stop it and how to the maximum reduce the damage.

In this article, we will discuss what Amok is, how to prepare for it, and what anti-Amok security solutions companies can install to prevent and handle such situations.

What is Amok?

Amok is a situation where an individual goes on a violent rampage, typically involving the use of weapons, and attacks multiple individuals. This term originated in Indonesia but has become a global concern in recent years. An Amok situation is unpredictable and can occur in any public institution such as schools, hospitals, malls, and offices. Therefore, it is important to be prepared and have security solutions in place.

How to prepare for Amok situations:

  1. Conduct regular drills: It is important to conduct regular drills to be prepared for Amok situations. Drills can help individuals and employees to identify safe and secure areas to protect themselves from attackers.
  2. Train employees: Companies should provide training sessions for their employees on how to handle Amok situations. Employees should know how to respond, what actions to take, and whom to contact in case of an emergency.
  3. Install surveillance cameras: Surveillance cameras can help monitor activities and detect suspicious behavior that may lead to an Amok situation.
  4. Have emergency protocols in place: Emergency protocols, including alert systems, evacuation instructions, and first aid kits, should be installed in public institutions.
  5. Collaborate with law enforcement agencies: Public institutions should collaborate with law enforcement agencies to ensure immediate response in case of an Amok situation.

Security solutions for Amok situations

There is a lot that schools, hospitals and other institutions can do to prepare for violent rampages to avoid damages and save lifes.

  1. Access control systems: Access control systems can limit the entry of unauthorized persons, thus preventing attackers from entering the premises.
  1. Panic buttons: Panic buttons can be installed in safe areas to alert authorities in case of an Amok situation.
  2. Metal detectors: Metal detectors can help detect any weapons that an attacker may bring into the premises.
  1. Bulletproof glass: Bulletproof glass can provide additional protection by preventing attackers from entering the premises.
  2. Security officers: Security officers can provide immediate response and alert authorities in case of an Amok situation.
  3. Intrusion detection systems: Intrusion detection systems can detect any suspicious behavior and alert authorities before any incident occurs.
  4. Lockdown systems: Lockdown systems can secure the premises by automatically locking doors and windows, preventing attackers from entering the premises.
  5. Alarm servers: An alarm server is a software application designed to monitor and alert system administrators in the event of an error, fault or critical event on a network. Alarm servers are designed to continuously monitor network infrastructure devices, such as servers, routers, and switches, as well as applications running on those devices.

How to install anti-Amok security solutions:

Companies should conduct a risk assessment to determine the security solutions that are required based on the level of risk. It is recommended to consult with security experts to install and maintain security solutions.

There are several steps to take when installing these security measures.

First, it is important to assess the potential risks and vulnerabilities of the area in which the solution will be installed.

Then, choose the appropriate technology, such as video surveillance or access control systems.

Next, develop an emergency response plan in the event of an Amok situation.

Lastly, ensure regular maintenance and training of the security personnel to ensure the system remains effective.

By taking these steps, one can improve their safety and security against Amok attacks.

What should companies pay attention to avoid Amok situations?

  1. Background checks: Companies should conduct thorough background checks on employees to prevent hiring any potential threats.
  1. Identify potential threats: Companies should identify potential threats and address them promptly to prevent them from escalating.
  2. Secure weapons: Companies should secure any weapons on the premises to prevent them from being used in an Amok situation.

Amok situations can occur at any public institution, underscoring the need for adequate preparation and security solutions. Companies need to be proactive in their efforts to prevent and handle such situations. Installing anti-Amok security solutions, conducting regular drills, and providing mental health support are vital in preventing such incidents. Companies should also collaborate with law enforcement agencies and security experts to ensure adequate preparation and response. By paying attention to these crucial factors, companies can significantly minimize the risk of Amok situations and protect their employees and customers.

New Voice Alarm Server MobiCall for Amok situations

MobiCall, a mobile communications platform (alarm server), can be an invaluable tool in tackling amok situations.

With the capability to instantly connect all personnel involved in the situation, MobiCall enables quick coordination among law enforcement, emergency responders, and medical personnel.

Additionally, its geolocation feature allows for real-time tracking and monitoring of the situation, improving overall situational awareness.

MobiCall also provides a reliable communication channel between victims and responders, enabling faster and more effective response times.

By incorporating MobiCall into amok situation response plans, law enforcement and emergency responders can better protect public safety and minimize loss of life.

If you need any help in preparing your Anti-Amok strategies in your institutions, we would be more than happy to help you.

Stay safe!


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