MobiCall Release 15

MobiCall Release 15 is now available!

MobiCall by New Voice is the central software platform for alerting, evacuation, information distribution and positioning in professional environments. Our platform meets the highest security standards and offers maximum reliability for your communication. MobiCall ensures comprehensive integration of your company’s entire communications infrastructure, networking of machines, devices, sensors as well as the responsible personnel. MobiCall is brand-independent, modularly expandable and continuously scalable.

The new MobiCall Release 15 is stable, reliable and future-proof. Perfect database replication settings ensure increased availability, disaster protection and scalability for your application. AMQP connections enable efficient and reliable communication between alarm servers for highest performance. The latest integrations with Siemens, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom provide seamless connections and enhanced security – open and scalable.

In addition, Release 15 enables new features in our MobiCall.App, such as triggering alarms with image attachments, beacon monitoring, and video streaming. NVXperience is also enhanced with new features such as beacon battery monitoring, customizable elements and an evacuation template.

Upgrade to MobiCall Release 15 now and experience the future of alerting and information distribution.




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