Release 16

Quick Response, Reliable Safety in an Emergency!

Discover the exciting updates in the latest MobiCall release. Our newest version offers enhanced features for even more efficient emergency communication and safety management.

New Functions Overview

IP Cameras

Camera control for operational actions, start or end camera recording including audio and video, continuous live streaming capability & video saving functionality

Asset Tracking

Tracking as it is on NVX possible via additional app

Task Management System

List, Create, Assign, Accept, Reject, Cancel & Complete Tasks

Inbox Page:

Tasks that were assigned to the user but not yet accepted


The user can use combination of hotkeys to trigger alarms on Desktop.App, SetUp in Dashboard

Redundancy Extension

Resume, receive, trigger and initiate alarms even when logged out


Alarm Statistic, Nurse Call System, Reaction Time, TMS Parameters, LoRa Pulse & other Sensors

CRM Temporary Licensing

Maximum two months & with three interfaces

What’s new...

Redundancy Extension

You can resume, receive, and trigger alarms even when logged out.

Launch and receive alarms

You can now launch alarms using hotkeys and receive notifications directly on the lock screen,    ensuring you never miss an important alert.

Asset Tracking

Tracking is now possible through an additional app, just as it is on NVX.

LDAP Integration

Define alert pathways with individual location selection Only enabled alarms are displayed. Users receive alarms only from their selected location. They can independently choose and change their organization.

Task Management System (TMS)

Users can now list, create, assign, accept, reject, cancel, and complete tasks. The Inbox page displays tasks that have been assigned to the user but not yet accepted.


The Desktop App can now be redundant!

Hotkeys to trigger alarms

Users can now use a combination of hotkeys to trigger alarms in the Desktop Client. This can be set up in the dashboard.

Real-time Asset Tracking

GPS location tracking monitors walking routes and distance covered, revealing significant deviations from the normal location. It is suitable for large outdoor areas and allows selection of desired time frames for viewing movement or asset positions.


Alarm Statistics

Launched by Location

Nurse Call System

Reaction Time, TMS Parameters

Other Sensors

LoRa Pulse

IP Camera

Camera control for operational actions now includes the ability to start or end camera recordings with both audio and video, continuous live streaming capability, and video saving functionality. Web?

Task Management System

The TMS is now more aligned with app design, featuring enhanced person search functionality and reduced manual effort.

CRM Temporary Licensing Conditions

CRM temporary licensing conditions allow a maximum duration of two months and support up to three interfaces.

Did you know?


  • Alarms can be processed locally and/or in the cloud
  • Alarm redundancy: cloud takes over in case of failure
  • Local unit supports multiple cloud servers (high availability)
  • No local public IP needed (connection from local to cloud)
  • Real-time data synchronization in both directions
  • Hybrid support for MobiCall.App (desktop, mobile)
  • Mass alerting with cloud resources
  • Failover protection during blackout

AMQP Redundancy

  • Encrypted and efficient communication between MobiCall systems
  • Flexibility through AMQP topics: Redundancy with more than 2 servers (e.g., data center, MobiBBox)

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