“the dashboard generator”

NVXperience is a versatile web interface and application for visualizing and managing alarms. Its dashboard generator enables the creation of a personalized alarm central with key information and action items on a single screen, accessible from mobile devices.

Top Features

Extensive Range

NVXperience supports diverse elements for crafting personalized applications

Items and Triggers

Ease of creation with pre-configured, yet customizable processes

Building Logic

Create variables and conditions

Real-Time Visualization

Get live feedback on who has accepted or rejected alarms

Multi-User Capability

Set permissions to view widgets, control access rights or track alarm triggers


NVXperience supports HTTPS to ensure a secure connection between server and client

NVXperience in Use

Control Center
For cities or community services like fire brigade and police

Alerting, mobilization & evacuation for larger events like natural disasters, terror attacks and large accidents

Providing accurate positioning via Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and more during alarms, enhancing safety and asset tracking

Lone Worker Protection

Locating your employees and triggering alarm in dangerous situations

Emergency Conferencing

Smooth communication in the matter of threatening situations

Task Management

An easy to use adaptable task management for the responsible team

NVXperience Interface

NVXperience vs. Web

As an experienced user, you might ask about the difference between NVXperience and the web configurator.

They are separate applications.

To put it simply:

Can usually be found in a control room. It is used in a fixed position like hotel receptions or hospital duty rooms. In most cases, only few people have access to its applications which are specifically designed depending on the different user needs/tasks (multi-tenancy).

The web configurator is used to configure NVXperience among others. It defines persons, groups, alarms and alarm media. It is the basis of any visualization