The dashboard generator

NVXperience is a web interface and a wide-ranging application that is suitable both for visualizing alarms and for intervening in the alarm process. The dashboard generator allows you to design your own alarm central with the most important information and action items on one screen. The application can also be accessed from a mobile phone or tablet.

Top features of NVXperience



  Extensive Range

NVXperience supports a wide range of different items to design your own application 


alarm triggering


  Items and Triggers

Ease of creation with pre-configured, yet customizable processes


monitoring & improvment


Building Logic

 Create variables and conditions




Real-Time Visualization

Get live feedback on who has accepted or rejected alarms


portable devices


Multi-User Capability

Set permissions to view widgets, control access rights, or track alarm triggers


data logging



NVXperience supports HTTPS to ensure a secure connection between server and client


NVXperience in use



Control centers

For cities or community services like fire brigade and police


alarm triggering


Alerting, mobilization & evacuation for large events like natural disasters, terror attacks and large accidents





Localization of people and assets





Lone Worker Protection

Locating your employes and triggering alarm in dangerous situations




Emergency Conferencing 

Smooth communication in the matter of threatening situation


data logging


Task  Management

An easy to use adaptable task management for the responsible team


NVXperience for localization

As an alarm central visualizer, NVXperience offers the capability to view alarm trigger locations. Localization functionalities are especially important for people safety in cases of lone workers or dementia patients. Another crucial application area is asset tracking, for example of expensive medical devices.

Should an alarm be triggered – either actively or passively by shake or geofencing – the location of the person is sent using technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and more.

Without NVXperience, the alarm receiver could see the room number or location as text on the receiver device. Using the visualizer, a site plan with indicated trigger location will pop up and immediately inform helpers of the exact location where they are needed. Another feature is the active request on device location via video or site plan – so you always know where your assets are located.

NVXperience vs. Web

As an experienced user, you might ask about the difference between NVXperience and the web configurator. They are separate applications. To put it simply:

NVXperience can usually be found in a control room. It is used in a fixed position like hotel receptions or hospital duty rooms. In most cases, only few people have access to its applications which are specifically designed depending on the different user needs/tasks (multi-tenancy).”

The web configurator is used to configure NVXperience among others. It defines persons, groups, alarms and alarm media. It is the basis of any visualization.

MobiCall x Siemens Desigo CC

Desigo CC is a powerful building management platform based on an open architecture, which simplifies technology integration. It can integrate various systems and devices, automate processes, and is scalable and flexible enough to meet the requirements of any building or project size. By connecting with MobiCall, facility managers can easily assign alarm scenarios to different groups of people based on the type of alarm, connected device, or time of day. If any changes are needed, the New Voice editor is available to make group changes with just one click.

Learn more: MobiCall X Siemens Desigo CC

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Depending on used media and PBX features, any alarm message can be configured individually. Learn more about the possibilities with your PBX: https://newvoiceinternational.com/pbx-interfaces/

The MobiCall alarm platform can be used in all sectors – whether healthcare, industrial facilities and production, hotel business, public facilities, airports, and more. All sectors have a need to optimize their alarm processes and to monitor a wide variety of devices, sensors, and machines. See what we have in store for you: https://newvoiceinternational.com/industries/

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