Structure and Overview

In healthcare facilities, the efficient and reliable transmission of information can help to save lives and to successfully react in case of critical events or incidents. New Voice MobiCall supports a variety of standardised and manufacturer-specific interfaces in order to ensure a comprehensive integration of clinical, administrative and technical systems in use. Based on events, MobiCall can automatically alert the staff or in-house technicians, both individually and on a group basis, through all known media using voice, text and image messages. In this context all existing process flows of the hospital environment can be taken into consideration. The system provides a time- and calendar-dependent information distribution, which enables a flexible mapping of duty rosters. The information transfer occurs on a skill-based and prioritised, as well as on a simultaneous or sequential way, depending on the alarm configuration. To guarantee the maximum safety, it is possible to determine a specific number of recipients who are expected to acknowledge the alarm receipt. If this criterion is not fulfilled, the system can start an alarm escalation to notify more participants. MobiCall also supports internal watchdog monitoring, automatic backups as well as comprehensive reporting and statistics features.

All scenarios can be configured and managed through the MobiCall-App, both in a centralised and decentralised way. The web-based management tool features an innovative “drag-and-drop” configurator. This solution provides IT administrators and users responsible for groups as well as for subject areas with an intuitive and clearly structured tool to configure personal data and alarm parameters. The multi-client capability offers to different areas the opportunity to autonomously administer their own alarm management by means of differentiated access rights. The connection of external databases (e.g. SAP or AD) is also possible, thus allowing the use of existing master data for the automatic import, which consequently reduces the administrative load.

MobiCall is available in two versions. MobiBBox is the smart “plug & use” solution installed on a compact industrial PC with an integrated web server (appliance). This solution is designed for standard requirements in small and medium-sized businesses. MobiCall also create a more powerful platform for large and complex requirements using server hardware or virtual environments. As a professional safety solution, MobiCall can also be operated in a redundant set-up with increased performance and high reliability. MobiCall geo-clustering enables redundancy and functional monitoring in several locations.