Service management and process optimization

Efficient employment of all means of communication is a crucial cost and quality factor for a hotel business. By means of MobiCall all existing systems, such as the telephone system, the entertainment system, and the hotel management software can be linked together. As a consequence, the workflow can be optimized, thus allowing to sink the costs and enhancing the service quality. Here the Task Management module plays a key role since it supports cross-media planning, administration, monitoring and execution of tasks.

Hotel Management software integration

  • Integration of all major hotel management software platforms
  • Lock and unlock the guest telephone at check-in and check-out
  • Acquisition, gathering, and transmission of call data considering the hotel-specific pricing models
  • The input of status messages by telephone, smartphone or PC
  • Wake-up call including escalation management via telephone
  • Communication of cleaning, repair, and maintenance works
  • Real-time monitoring of pending task

Service call

  • Cross-media input of service tasks
  • Integration of battery-operated sensors for the automated transmission of status messages (e.g. minibar)
  • Hotel-App suitable for Android and iOS devices
  • Skill-based tasks transmission (e.g. to the service team)
  • Login and logout functions for staff members
  • VIP functionality to prioritize tasks
  • Multi-client capable web portal for SLA monitoring and evaluation of service quality

Further potential applications

  • Baby-monitor function to connect the room terminal with the parents’ mobile phone
  • Safeguarding of the SPA area thanks to an emergency button (“red button”) with alarm and escalation conditions
  • Fixed and mobile option to safeguard a single workstation
  • Connection among door station modules incl. video integration
  • Optimisation of the business continuity management, for instance through availability alert