Personal Protection and Emergency Management

In emergency situations like fire alarms or bomb threats immediate mass alerting is necessary. With MobiCall the existing infrastructure can be used so that telephones and computers in use are available to transmit audible or visual alarm signaling. In hazardous situations, MobiCall cares for your staff’s safety at work, enabling you to draw on the integrated functions of an emergency call center. Furthermore, MobiCall functions as a central solution in case of emergency alerting, e.g. MCI alarm, to execute a parallel information transmission.

Fire and disaster alarm

  • Silent alarm in accordance with the current legislation relating to fire protection
  • Integration of the existing fire alarm systems (ESPA 4.4.4, ESPA-X, contact)
  • Manual alarm trigger (telephone, web, push button)
  • Fire compartment or sectoral alerting
  • Integration of a pre-alarm to avoid false alarms
  • Parallel multimedia alerting on different devices
  • Activation of special features to pass on announcements and to display pop-up messages on the PC screen
  • PA system and IP-loudspeakers integration
  • Start of emergency conferences

Lone workers protection

  • Platform-independent solution for DECT, Wifi, GSM
  • Support of manual (red button) and automatic alarms (man-down, no movement, time, escape, and tear-off via pull-cord alarm)
  • Automatic set up of emergency conferences between alarm trigger and alarm recipient
  • A permanent monitoring of personal alarm signal devices
  • Localization via DECT, Wifi, Bluetooth Beacons, and GPS
  • Buildings and site plans visualization system
  • Support to patrol and watchman controls

First-aiders emergency call

  • The central phone number for all staff members to call first-aiders
  • Optional record of emergency information
  • Fixed and dynamic space-oriented alarm combination
  • Automatic set-up of conferences between first-aiders
  • Optional recording and forwarding of conferences
  • Optional forwarding to external stations
  • Automatic switching-off function in case of emergency