Welcome to our Watchdog-as-a-Service, a comprehensive solution designed to ensure the uninterrupted functionality of your system, particularly the MobiCall system. Our service employs a sophisticated monitoring mechanism that ensures timely notifications and intelligent escalation features in case of system outages.

How It Works:

Control Calls and Verification: 

Our Watchdog Service periodically receives control calls from your MobiCall system, serving as the heartbeat of your system’s functionality.

Timely Notifications:

When a control call is missed, WAAS waits for a second call. If that’s also missed, WAAS triggers an alarm. With a 30-minute control call interval, the alarm activates after 1 hour. WAAS notifies you via SMS, email, call (text-to-speech), MobiCall.App, and WhatsApp.

Status Updates:

Once the issue is resolved and the control call returns, we send you a status update, providing peace of mind.

Advanced Features: 

Escalation Functionality:
Both MobiCall and MobiCCloud offer escalation functionalities. If the primary alarm recipients cannot be reached, additional individuals can be notified, ensuring swift response to critical situations.

Cost Optimization:
To help you save on phone costs, MobiCCloud intelligently validates the server by taking the call only once a day, while rejecting further calls unless the CLIP (originator number of your MobiCall system) remains valid.


User Control:
With your personal access to MobiCCloud, you have full control. Customize alarm settings, configure alarm receivers, and access comprehensive alarm evaluations.

When Alarms Are Triggered:

Alarming condition :

Our system initiates an alarm when two consecutive watchdog calls fail to arrive.

Secondary Alarm Escalation :

Our system initiates an alarm when two 
consecutive watchdog calls fail to arrive.

Positive Notification : 

Once the Watchdog Service successfully receives a call from the MobiCall system, a positive notification is sent to all original alarm recipients, signifying the resolution of the issue.

At New Voice, we take pride in providing you with a robust Watchdog-as-a-Service solution, ensuring your system’s reliability and your safety. Whether it’s for critical infrastructure or everyday operations, our service is designed to keep you informed and in control. Explore our service today and experience uninterrupted functionality like never before.