As of release 10, MobiCall offers its own engine for indoor positioning based on various technologies such as Bluetooth beacons, WiFi antennas, DECT transmitters, NFC tags, GPS coordinates, etc.

The process is simple: Open the Localization application through the NVX Dashboard. The existing building plans are uploaded and with one push of a button the zones are automatically generated based on the plans.

These zones can be named accordingly. The ideal positioning of the e.g. BLE Beacon is suggested by MobiCall. After mounting the beacons you start with the first positioning tests.

Here you will find information about Alcatel Lucent Enterprise DECT positioning.


New Voice International AG has developed its indoor- and outdoor-localization and positioning solution based on the dashboard NVX.
MobiCall also offers integration Cisco Asset Tracking, Aerospace, Aruba, GoogleMaps, Favendo, Centrac and others…

MobiCall is the versatile solution supporting all technologies based on BLE, Wifi, DECT, GSM, GPS and other mash-based technologies.
The well-known lone worker solution (DGUV 112-139/BGR139 certified multiple times) supports these technologies also in hybrid modus with
Smartphones (Android and Apple), DECT (ALE,  NEC, Unify, etc.), BLE-Scanner for Asset Tracking, NFC-Reader and special wireless technologies.

New Voice MobiCall is a multifunctional alerting, information, evacuation and conferencing system. The integration of our standalone solution into the MobiCall app extends the system’s broad range of services with the function of being able to display its position in the monitored building on a smartphone or tablet at any time on an integrated map.

This new contribution will allow a faster and better experience, especially in alarm situations or in the evacuation case, and to locate helpless persons in the building. At the same time, the location function supports effective task management and helps to optimize control and administration processes.

In addition to positioning, will include the functions of navigation, asset tracking, notifications based on the beacon and zone proximity as well as for analytics. The MapView SDK allows app developers to save their interior plans as maps for navigation in the app, as well as to plan routes. All user interface elements are flexibly adaptable.