SIPconnect GmbH – your reliable partner for individual communication solutions.

Since our foundation in 2009, we have made it our goal to develop customized communication solutions for every need.

We proudly focus on the installation of emergency communication systems in the healthcare sector and for industrial companies.

We understand that this is all about the safety and well-being of employees and patients, and we are committed to ensuring that such requirements are met.

Our team is available to assist you throughout the entire project cycle – from planning to commissioning, and offer customized service contracts to help with ongoing operations and ensure that your communications systems always function properly.

Through our partnerships with leading manufacturers of communications equipment for voice and data, as well as emergency call equipment, we can provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions and also see ourselves as a system integrator to bring together various specialized applications into one system.

Technology advances rapidly, so we help you migrate gradually to new technologies to protect existing investments and keep your communications solutions up to date.

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