Silent Alarm

In the past years, threats and attacks in public institutions have steadily increased. In order to promptly help employees in critical situations, MobiCall allows hiddenly triggering “silent alarms” using the existing IT and communication infrastructure. All alarms are centrally processed in the most quick and reliable way possible. Emergency teams are informed by phone call or PC pop-up message. Automatic teleconferences support the situation assessment and the determination of the appropriate aid measures. Thus, MobiCall ensures a better protection of individuals and employees as well as a rapid response to operational alerts.



There are different options to trigger a silent alarm. This can occur through an individual keyboard shortcut (e.g. Alt+1), in the form of a panic alarm by simultaneously pressing at least 3 keys, or even via mouse click using the MobiCall App, but also using an external Bluetooth or USB push button.



The central MobiCall server can identify and locate the Client via PC or username, IP or MAC address or even using the access point.



Based on pre/defined rosters, individuals or groups  MobiCall starts an alarm. The event is sent to channels like internal and external extensions, smartphones, Client PCs, IP loudspeakers. Alarm can be configured to occur on a spatial, skill and priority basis, as well as simultaneously or sequentially.



To ensure the maximum safety, a predefined number of recipients must acknowledge the alarm. If these people cannot be reached, the system can start an alarm escalation in order to notify further participants.



MobiCall logs detailed information about the whole alarm proceedings. The alarm report can be sent automatically but also retrieved through the alarm control panel at any time.