Service management and process optimisation- Healthcare

An efficient employment of all means of communication is a crucial cost and quality factor to smoothly manage a hospital business. By means of MobiCall, all existing systems, such as patients’ entertainment systems, beds transport management, telephone system, mobile devices as well as scheduling and administration systems can be linked together. As a consequence, the workflow can be optimized, thus allowing you to maximise the current infrastructure and to enhance the service quality. Here, the MobiCall task management module plays a key role, since it supports cross-media planning, administration, monitoring and execution of tasks.

Service call

  • Integration of existing patient entertainment systems
  • Transmission of service orders using different media
  • Entry of service tasks by telephone, smartphone or PC
  • Skill-based transmission of tasks
  • Login/logout functions for staff members
  • Optional bidirectional communication (e.g. ‘the drink you ordered will be served in 5 minutes.’)
  • Multi-client capable web portal for SLA monitoring and evaluation of the service quality
  • Hospital processes improvement and increase of patients’ satisfaction

Integration of beds management

  • Connection of different bed transport systems
  • Presence-dependent job distribution
  • Entry of status reports telephone, smartphone or PC
  • Extensive receipt and refusal functions
  • Transmission of cleaning, repair and maintenance jobs
  • Real-time monitoring of current jobs

Info hotline /Citizen Service Centre

  • Automatic parallel calls receipt
  • Flexible adaptation of dynamic or pre-defined announcements
  • Optional multi-stage Interactive Voice Response menus
  • VIP circuitry for phone numbers of utmost importance
  • Partial or total blocking of phone numbers as an option
  • Saving important staff resources
  • Alerting of the population
  • Comprehensive statistics and recording