Real-time Indoor and Outdoor Tracking for Lone Worker Safety

Real-time Indoor and Outdoor Tracking for Lone Worker Safety

Every day, millions of people in the world work alone, from nurses to railway workers, from delivery drivers to construction workers. These workers are known as lone workers and their safety is an important issue for companies.

To ensure their safety, companies must find a way to monitor a lone worker’s location in real time. This is where Real-time Indoor and Outdoor Tracking come into play.

What is a Lone Worker?

A lone worker is any person who works by themselves without the support or supervision of another employee. This includes remote employees, contractors and other individuals who work independently. As they are not monitored while working, companies must find a way to ensure their safety if there is an emergency situation or if something goes wrong during their work hours.

Lone workers sometimes can be working in a really remote locations, so outdoor tracking is crucial to ensure the safety of these employees.

What is Real Time Indoor and Outdoor Tracking?

Real time indoor and outdoor tracking uses GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of an individual at any given moment in time. GPS is used for outdoor tracking and Wifi or Bluetooth beacons can be used for indoor positioning.

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By leveraging cellular networks, satellite data or beacons transmission, these systems can track a person’s movements both indoors and outdoors with great accuracy. Companies can also set up virtual boundaries that allow them to be alerted when a lone worker enters or leaves certain areas or enters certain buildings.

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How Does Real Time Indoor and Outdoor Tracking Help Lone Workers?

Real time indoor and outdoor tracking provides companies with the ability to monitor the wellbeing of their lone workers on a regular basis, allowing them to react quickly if something goes wrong or if there is an emergency situation. It allows them to follow up promptly when someone fails to check in on schedule or fails meet set health & safety protocols while at work.

Additionally, it gives employers peace of mind knowing that their personnel are safe at all times even when out of reach due to lack of direct supervision. For example, if a driver gets lost on his route or falls ill somewhere away from home then this system will make sure he/she will get help quickly – making sure no one gets stranded without help far away from home.

Why Should Companies Have Real-Time Indoor And Outdoor Tracking for Lone Worker Safety?

Companies should have real-time indoor and outdoor tracking for lone worker safety because it enables them to monitor the whereabouts of their personnel in close detail – improving employee protection levels significantly compared to traditional workplace monitoring methods such as CCTV surveillance or manual spot checks carried out by supervisors.

With real-time location tracking alerts can be sent out immediately should an employee enter an area considered out-of-bounds or fail to check-in after a certain amount of time as well as many more scenarios previously unthinkable due to lack of technological capabilities.

5 Benefits Of Real Time Indoor And Outdoor Tracking For Lone Worker Safety:

1. Increased awareness: With real-time indoor and outdoor tracking you get detailed reports on where your personnel are located at any given moment – allowing you greater insights into the activities taking place around your employees than ever before which could mean quicker response times in case something goes wrong;

2. Improved security: Knowing that your personnel are being tracked via satellite means that you can have peace of mind knowing that they will not be left stranded in case something unexpected happens during their shift;

3. Improved communication and collaboration: With indoor tracking, lone workers can be better connected with their colleagues, allowing for more efficient communication, as well as easier ways to collaborate on projects in real-time.

4. Reduced costs: By having better insight into employee activities you can reduce overhead costs associated with keeping track manually (like extra staff members needed for physical reviews);

5. Improved team morale: By providing employees with enhanced safety measures through indoor and outdoor tracking systems, you can help foster improved team morale among employees, knowing that their safety is being looked after by management.

New Voice experience in Lone Worker real time tracking

New Voice has more than 30 years experience in various lone worker protection solutions: from indoor tracking to nurse call systems and many other solutions.

New Voice has developed their own security system called MobiCall which can assure the highest level of accuracy in lone worker indoor and outdoor tracking. With the help of Wifi, BLE and GPS technologies, we can track any lone worker and assure that responsible people will be immediately alerted if anything happens to their lone workers.

With our MobiCall.App your team will be able not only to get alerts, but as well communicate via MobiChat or even get CCTV real time footage of the site where the lone worker is situated. All of these solutions allows you to have the highest accuracy and fastest alerting system in a dangerous situation.

If you have any questions about lone worker protection, we are here to help.

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