What is a panic button and how it benefits your business


Have you ever been in a situation that felt out of control, too overwhelming, or even dangerous for your personnel or clients? If so, then you know how important it is to have the best security measures – and the perfect tool to help develop one might be the panic button.  This device has become increasingly popular among businesses as a way to protect their employees, belongings, and customers during emergencies. Panic buttons can seem intimidating at first glance but understanding what they are and how they work can give valuable peace of mind in any uncertain situation.  In this blog post we will explore exactly what a panic button is, who benefits from its use, and some tips for choosing the right one for your business. Read on to learn more about this essential safety essential!

What is a panic button

A panic button is a security measure which informs the local authorities or your security personnel about a dangerous situation immediately. A panic button must be pushed or pressed, then it automatically sends a signal to responsible entities (local police, emergency services or security personnel) who can react and help you in dangerous situations. Panic buttons can be placed under the counter (in banks, shops or other business places), on the walls (for hazardous situations in the working place) , on people (wearable panic buttons can be used in lone worker protection situations) or anywhere else where your personnel can reach it fast in a dangerous situation. Panic button works perfectly with a silent alarm as it can inform the security personnel without any sound or visual distraction, so the intruders will not be able to notice the alarm and will not escalate the situation. Further reading: Benefits of a silent alarm

In what situations you may need a panic button

Panic buttons can be used in many dangerous situations, but probably the most popular ones are robberies and other situations where a person’s life is threatened. But actually panic buttons can be a very valuable security measure in many more industries and situations:

  • Doctors, nurses and other employees in hospitals who are at risk of aggression
  • Medical emergencies for patients in need
  • Lone workers who are working alone in remote places
  • Personnel working with dangerous equipment and who are constantly at risk of an injury
  • Housemaids working alone in hotel rooms
  • People who work with very expensive assets (money, jewelry, electronics, etc.)
  • Taxi alarm – for drivers who feel threatened at work
  • Dangerous weather situations: storms, floods, earthquakes, etc.

A panic button is an important asset in a company if you have people working in possible dangerous and life threatening situations. A panic button reacts in the fastest manner and can help to save your employees lives.

How does a panic button function 

Once triggered, a panic button automatically sends an alarm to security personnel. It provides your security personnel with accurate information about the precise location of an alarm. Panic buttons work perfectly with an indoor positioning system as it allows them to detect the accurate location of a person in need even in closed areas and buildings. Such information is perfect for lone worker protection situations as people are mostly working in areas where GPS signals are not able to detect a precise location. Installing a thorough indoor positioning system which covers every part of your buildings allows you to find the personnel in need in the fastest possible way. As mentioned before, panic buttons can be installed under counters, walls, or other locations in the building, but as well panic buttons can be in cars, on a person (wearable panic button), so this way you can provide help to as many people as needed in your company.

Benefits of a panic button for your business

As panic button is one of the fastest option to react to a dangerous situation, it can provide many benefits to your company:

  1. Save lives. Your employees are the most important asset in the company, so taking care of them is the top priority.
  2. Avoid burglaries. Panic buttons send an instant alarm to the security personnel, so it helps to avoid costly robbery situations.
  3. React fast to assaults. A panic button can help to avoid assaults as your personnel can send an instant alarm if they feel threatened.
  4. Lone worker protection. A panic button helps your lone workers if a dangerous situation arises.
  5. Avoid dangerous weather situations. It can help to react in a fastest way to evacuate and move to a safe location.

All in all, a panic button is a great business tool to avoid dangerous and costly situations.

New Voice International experience with panic buttons

New Voice International has more than 30 years experience in various security projects where we installed comprehensive security systems including panic buttons, lone worker protection tools, indoor positioning systems, nurse call systems and many others.

Our own developed MobiCall.App has a panic button function which immediately or even automatically reacts to dangerous workplace situations. MobiCall.App can be installed into your existing security infrastructure or can be the main platform for your new security measures.

We would be more than happy to help you with any security solution and if you have any questions, please contact us.


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