The Nachrichtentechnik Bielefeld GmbH (NTB) is recognized today as a highly innovative Information Technology and Communication (ITK) company located in the heart of Ostwestfalen. We have established ourselves as a reliable partner for discerning clients, spanning diverse industries not only within the local region but also extending far beyond. From local small businesses and municipal administrations to global players, users benefit from our exceptional range of services and flexibility.

Our clients are supported by a team of nearly 50 competent and motivated employees whose expertise, dedication, and enjoyment in their work form the foundation of our company’s success.

Founded over 30 years ago as an ITK systems integration company, NTB has continuously evolved its core competencies in telecommunications, IT infrastructure, data network technology, security, and presentation technology. This includes a comprehensive range of services from procurement, installation, and maintenance to cloud services in communication and networking. Such broad knowledge and expertise enable us to offer the optimal solution for various challenges in IT and telecommunications.

Recognizing technical trends and market developments and staying one step ahead is a guiding principle at NTB, and our clients benefit from it. Because at NTB, your interests always take center stage:

“IT and communication tools should support the core business and help streamline work processes.”

A high level of customer satisfaction is consistently affirmed, not least through documented market research conducted with our clients.

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