The company Netkom GmbH was founded by Mario Böhle and Helmut Frauenpreiss in 1997. After starting out as a service provider in the field of telecommunications, the company grew steadily, so that just two years later the areas of network technology and IT were added, additional employees were hired, and in 2001 the construction of the current premises began. In 2003 the locations Oldenburg and Osnabrück were established.

We are proud to employ 40 employees with three trainees, whose daily motivation is to realize the best solutions for you. 25 years of experience let us look joyfully into the future to be successful together with you.

We install versatile alarm systems such as the light call in hospitals and retirement homes, requesting help in emergency situations in schools and public institutions, reporting a machine failure and others.

Together with our long-term partner “New Voice” we have already realized many great projects.

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