Multimedia alerting and notification

Voice alerting by phone

Thanks to the extensive cooperation with leading communication manufacturers, MobiCall offers special alarm functions conceived for voice alerting. The communication infrastructure can be connected via ISDN or SIP/ SIP-S. The number of voice channels between the telecommunication system and the MobiCall platform is determined based on the number of participants and the maximum alerting times. Core alarm features: display indication during calls, activation of a special ring tone, interruption of ongoing calls and announcement over loudspeakers.

 Number of participants*                                Voice channels required

 50                                                                                   10
150                                                                                  30
300                                                                                 60

*120 seconds alarm time available for the acknowledgment

Alerting by text message on the system terminal devices

Information can be transmitted to the desktop and wireless terminal devices via text message, using manufacturer-specific interfaces (such as XML-API or Message-Link). This technology has the advantage that a very large number of participants can be notified within a few seconds.

Learn more about Information Distribution here.

Client smartphone and desktop

Two further alternative transmission channels in the event of a disaster consist of alerting via Client PC or smartphone app. Text, voice, audio, and video messages can be transmitted. The pop-up functionality together with the alarm ring tones control allows catching the recipients’ attention. In this context, a large number of people can be informed within seconds as well. The connection between the Client and the central alarm server is monitored. In case of failure or loss of the connection, both the user and the competent central authority are immediately informed.

Public Address Systems or IP loudspeakers

This transmission channel is particularly suitable for alerting in hallways, corridor areas and noisy environments. It is possible to individually address and control the loudspeakers or to execute a single command for several devices. In this way, voice prompts can be customised for each customer according to the floor or fire compartment.

Further alerting media

MobiCall also supports alarming processes via text message, whether through an inhouse paging solution or directly via an SMS gateway. Also in emergency situations relay outputs can be switched to activate sirens or to control subsystems.

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