MobiCall 12.0.8 is here!



We have news from our development team! MobiCall 12.0.8 is out now and it is safer, faster and better to use. Our Highlights:


  1. As we continuously work to improve system safety, we are happy to announce that with the latest minor release, two servers in a redundant system communicate via SSL and TLS to encrypt AMQP and PostGres Communication. This is a major improvement towards communication safety!
  2. Release 12.0.8 delivers an added importer of schedule plans: import weekly or yearly calendars using CSV files. Why that`s so great? Events (or alarms) can have individual or shared calendars (operational plans, opening hours, public holidays). To avoid having to manually adapt every single alarm, f.e. yearly public holidays or other calendar changes, this new feature allows the configuration of every alarm connected to a specific calendar. This reduces administrative time spent significantly!
  3. With the latest minor release, the TAE event configuration is now stored directly in the database. This means it is cloud-ready, multiple TAE’s for the same interface are possible, direct links to alarms and entries are enabled, and it comes with improved filter and testing options.


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