Fire and disaster alerting

In emergency situations, like fire or disaster alarms, immediate mass alerting is necessary. With MobiCall the existing infrastructure can be used so that telephones and computers in use are available to transmit an acoustic or optical alarm. Depending on the fire regulations, the information transmission can also occur as a “silent alarm” to reach the responsible nursing staff, the fire safety officers as well as the evacuation assistants. Thanks to standardized and manufacturer-specific interfaces, MobiCall allows to transfer detailed information, such as room name and floor of the fire alarm, to the terminal devices of staff members. This permits an immediate tracking of the alarm location, thus reducing the risk of false alarm. If need be, a sectorial alerting can also be implemented in addition to a general evacuation.                                             

  •  A single system for fire, disaster, and emergency alert
  • Integration of the existing alarm systems using standardized and manufacturer-specific interfaces (ESPA 4.4.4, ESPA-X, XML)
  • Automatic or manual alarm trigger
  • Specialized or sectoral alerting according to the scenario
  • Multimedia alerting via telephone, smartphone, PC client, IP loudspeaker..
  • Activation of special features such as a public address, special ring tone or call isolation (depending on the PBX system)