Fb-solution e.U. is a company specializing in electrical engineering with a focus on alarm and communication systems. Founded in 2017, the company has extensive experience in alarm, communication, and low-voltage technology dating back to 1995.

Their range of services includes the commissioning and maintenance of alarm systems of all sizes, communication systems, applications, and solutions for hospitals, nursing homes, and industries. Additionally, Fb-solution e.U. installs and commissions a wide variety of low-voltage systems such as fire alarm systems, call systems, nurse call systems (light call systems), satellite technology, gate intercom solutions, clock systems, antenna systems, PA systems, and access control systems for infection areas.

Alarm systems notify you about specific events in your business, hospital, nursing home, or industrial facility, regardless of the source. Notifications can be delivered via phone, DECT, email, SMS, app, and more. Alarms can be triggered by a switch, device contact, various sensors, or through a LAN or serial interface of a nurse call, building management, patient transport, or fire alarm system, among many others. The offering also includes all DAKS applications, such as DCO (triggering via PC/touchscreen), localization of DECT and WLAN devices, personal security, and much more.

Fb-solution e.U.’s customer portfolio includes nursing homes, hospitals of all sizes, and industrial companies.

Link: www.fb-solution.at