Alarm Security On-the-Go: The Benefits of the MobiCall.App

Alarm Security On-the-Go: MobiCall.App

In today’s dynamic world, security should never be confined by boundaries. Enter MobiCall.App by New Voice International, a mobile application of the software MobiCall revolutionizing personal security across various industries including healthcare, construction, and more.

Why is MobiCall.App essential:

• Real-Time Alerts: Receive instant notifications of security threats wherever you are.
• Geolocation Services: Pinpoint your exact location for swift assistance in emergencies.
• Customizable Settings: Tailor alarm settings to suit your unique needs.
• Multi-Platform Compatibility: Available for both iOS and Android devices.
• User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation ensures accessibility for all users.

With MobiCall.App, your colleagues are just a click away!
MobiChat allows you to react to and solve problems with your team in the fastest fashion.
You can discuss, look for solutions, overview plans or attachments together with your team in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Everyone is safe with MobiCall.App
Positioning: MobiCall.App swiftly sends the precise location once an event is triggered, enabling prompt action from you and your team. With MobiBeacons, our cutting-edge technology ensures accurate event or person location within buildings, complementing GPS data.

Lone Worker Protection:
MobiCall.App uses your smartphone’s sensors for real-time monitoring of lone workers. It detects falls and triggers alarms, with a built-in timer to prevent false alarms. Ideal for employees working alone in diverse settings, it ensures team safety in emergencies.


1. Peace of Mind: Stay protected and informed, regardless of your location or industry.
2. Flexibility: Control your security system from anywhere, adapting to your industry’s demands.
3. Accessibility: Instantly access your security network via your smartphone.
4. Affordability: Enjoy premium security without the burden of expensive hardware or fees.

MobiCall.App ensures your security across diverse industries, offering peace of mind wherever life takes you. Learn more here!

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