To the top with MobiCall: The transformation of the security infrastructure

The security landscape is constantly evolving, presenting companies with the challenge of keeping pace with changing threats. In this context, New Voice International’s alarm server MobiCall has established itself as a leading force, coming up with innovative solutions to support and evolve modern security infrastructures. By providing a state-of-the-art alarm server and communications platform, New Voice with MobiCall effectively addresses the diverse security requirements of today and tomorrow.

Here are specific ways MobiCall contributes to the modernization of security infrastructures:

Integrated Event and Alarm Management: MobiCall serves as a centralized system for managing alarms and events, facilitating the integration of various external systems such as fire alarm systems and building management systems. This integration ensures quick capture and prioritization of critical information, enabling swift response and effective crisis management. Particularly for hospitals, Nurse Call solutions are integrated to enhance care efficiency.


Customized Alerting and Evacuation: MobiCall provides tailored solutions for businesses of all kinds, including banks and hotels, to enable silent alarms and evacuation measures. In case of an emergency, the platform allows for targeted alerting and coordination to ensure effective handling of situations.


Process Automation: MobiCall optimizes workflows through the automation of business processes, reducing the response time to security incidents. Integration with other systems enables automated actions such as activating alarms and sending notifications.


Flexibility and Scalability: As a modular and scalable platform, MobiCall adapts to the specific needs of organizations and supports their growth, making it a long-term investment in security.

MobiCall plays a crucial role in modernizing security infrastructures, enabling organizations to effectively respond to complex security threats, improve the efficiency of their security processes, and ensure the protection of people and assets. With the continuous integration of new technologies and features, MobiCall positions itself as a future-proof partner in the field of security solutions.

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